DISCOVERED! Like, Totally Drawsome

As an avid doodler, I was thrilled to discover my new favorite app – Draw Something. It’s Pictionary for the digital age. I can’t help but smile every time I guess a word correctly, and the app replies encouragingly, “Drawsome!”

Now how can I convince you, and myself, that this is not a total waste of time? Because it is a bonding experience! I’ve been able to connect with friends of all ages, family, and even colleagues with this new form of communication – using simply a fingertip and a phone (it also works with an iPad for much more detailed drawings). You can even chat with your friends – and I usually find that we throw friendly jabs or kudos. It’s cool to upgrade to the enhanced color palette – you can pay for “free” using earned coins – and the colorful array is worth every coin.

There are so many layers of entertainment – Drawing is fun. Guessing is fun. Even watching your friends try to unscramble the letters to come up with the answer…that is fun. I wonder sometimes if this will create a whole new language. That being said, there can be so many misinterpretations, misunderstandings, miscommunications… they say that email and the digital age confuses direct communication. Now imagine trying to successfully communicate, or to get your message across, using just your finger as a paintbrush. Add the many levels of artistry, and it can be a challenge to come up with even the simplest of sketches.

I imagine that these virtual canvases are our modern day Caves of Lascaux – our simplistic drawings come to life and then just as quickly, they disappear. Perhaps one day, anthropologists will dig thru these digital doodles and our “masterpieces” will be uncovered – revealing a snapshot of life in 2012. This week’s creative challenges: Mirror…Travolta…Godzilla…

I vote for skipping the ads, and paying the $1 fee, but try it for free. If I were to draw my feelings for this add, I would draw a big fat heart because I simply love, love, love to Draw Something.

 Megan Majestic, Operations, InVision

5 Replies to “DISCOVERED! Like, Totally Drawsome”

  1. This is one of the best apps- it’s interactive and it’s fun to see if people can guess your work of art.
    Five star for this app!! 🙂
    PS. I need more colors so lets all play so I can get more coins!!!

    1. Hi Abby – Good luck gathering coins for your palette purchase! It’s amazing how just a few extra colors can give your creativity an extra boost. I upgraded to the “holiday package”… now I can draw the Incredible Hulk!

  2. This app is so much fun! Getting the color palette was a treat, I could add more to my horrible drawing skills! Great write-up Megan!

    1. Thanks, Shelly! Try experimenting with different paintbrush sizes – you will finetune your skills in no time!

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