Missed a Webinar? They’re Available On-Demand!

In case you missed our first two Webinars, click on the links below. They’re only 20 minutes long and filled with interesting information.

How to Build a Personal Brand Using Social Media (and Why It’s Important)

Presented by Dennis Shiao

Businesses have successfully utilized social media to generate awareness, find sales prospects, sell product and engage with customers. As an individual, does social media “really matter,” or is it sufficient to connect with friends on Facebook? In this online presentation, Dennis Shiao describes how social media can help you advance your career and find new business opportunities. He’ll provide you with actionable tips that you can put to use right away – and start building your personal brand.

Neuroscience: “Why We Do What We Do”

Presented by Lynn Randall

Events are inherently social. So are people. We receive boosts of a chemical known as oxytocin when we connect with friends or meet someone new. Optimizing social aspects of event design to increase oxytocin boosts floods our attendees with warm, positive, comfort. We’re doing everyone a favor! In this online presentation, Lynn Randall takes you through the power of neuroscience and tips on how to design event experiences to include emotional impact that makes your content and messaging more long-lasting.

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