How Like the Wallendas Are We New Yorkers

Black-outs, 9/11, blizzards and now Sandy strike our very being every few years. Like the Flying Wallenda Family, we have been hit by unimaginable setbacks and grief, but we endure, we persevere, we come back for another day; first with grace and civility, but ultimately with the raw grit, tenacity and determination that characterize New Yorkers as it did and still does the Wallenda clan.

The machinery of New York has taken a huge blow, but already, within five days of the destruction, subways are coming back to life, tunnels are being emptied of the invading waters, cell service and land lines are being restored, the internet and the systems of electrical commerce, wire transfers and equity trading, is humming again with activity.

Today, as I emerged from the darkness of my home to the darkness of the morning, I saw a glimpse of the nearly full moon in the Western sky and the first glimmers of the sun igniting the Eastern horizon.  The whir of generators indicated that our neighbors were fighting back – fighting to regain control of their environment just as the heavens were overcoming the darkness of night.

The pulse of life is quickening again.  We’re all ascending the wires where we are more comfortable than others would be to get on with the lives we know.

Fred Bailey, Director of Client Services, New York, InVision Communications

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