How IVC-ee It: #twitter4events

At a recent @cemaonline event hosted by Twitter, titled #twitter4events…The speakers @shanesteele @tomspano @brianpduggan @tinetseng…spoke about the basics of tweeting in events…and a little more. (Wait, are you confused by all of that?) I hope not…because if you haven’t jumped on the train, it’s time to start running so you can hitch a ride!

Simple key tips for events are:

  1. Always create a hashtag (#) for your events and put it on everything you do – every slide, banner, t-shirts, etc.
  2. Enlist super users to start, feed and revive the conversation. Even consider incentivizing them.
  3. Consider enlisting celebrities.  Often times it’s easy to catch their attention.
  4. Collaborate with all of your ECO system partners and agencies.
  5. Pay attention to trends. Knowing what is happening in social media at all time (good and bad) will be key to success.
  6. Be willing to takes risks.
  7. Never stop innovating. There were some great examples of Twitter conversations that took un-likely twists:
    1. Drake (aka Drizzy) @drake said: “The first 1M is always the hardest.” Guess who replied? T. Boone Pickens. @tboonepickens said: “The first billion is a helluva lot harder son.”
    2. Or how about this: Oreo Cookie said @oreo: “Ever bring your own Oreo cookies to a movie theater?”  Guess who replied? AMC Theaters @amctheaters: “NOT COOL, Cookie….back off”
    3. What is the moral to that story? Take a risk, be innovative and have a little fun. These exchanges created an incredible buzz and awareness to all parties…more than they ever thought possible.

It’s pretty simple on what it means to our audiences at InVision. Twitter is the world’s MOST powerful social platform so it should be used.

  • They are adding 200M+ new active users per month (that is +100% year over year growth)
  • There are 120M+ new active mobile users per month (that is +40% quarter over quarter growth)

“The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” ~ William Gibson

Are you going to jump on the train? #ivcexperience

Angie Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications Strategist, InVision Communications 

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