It’s All in the Presentation

Top Chef is a ritual in my household. It’s far more than just beautiful food – it has everything. Drama. Suspense. Creative improvisation. Champions and come-back-kids. Live polling. And viewer-based voting in the parallel web series Last Chance Kitchen.

What can a reality show about cooking possibly have to do with events, you ask?  Answer: just about everything.

It’s episodic: Crack the Da Vinci code for events and tell a story that makes people want to know what happens next. Deliver information in chunks, make it human and leave them hanging. Give them a reason to tune back in. 

The audience matters: People get to vote to determine outcomes. Don’t just poll.  Create scenarios where the audience actually gets to decide what happens.

There’s a winner: Competition – and fandom – are two essential parts of human nature. Gamification is fun. The ability to win a prize is much better. 

How can competitive reality TV boost excitement and engagement at your next event? 

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