Cross-training Builds B2B Muscle

Best practice: Integrate cross-category experience for greater impact.

Athletes benefit from cross-training; exercising different muscles gives you greater overall strength, endurance and flexibility. It’s the same in business. Gaining experience across different verticals allows teams to expand their ways of thinking and solve for challenges with fresh perspective and best practices learned in other industries.

Every industry presents unique challenges and experiences. There are different audiences to satisfy, different cultures to cater to, different kinds of programs to design. The more you learn about one vertical, the more you can share or apply those best practices to other verticals. It is this integrated way of thinking that delivers the greatest impact for your business.

At InVision, we have long-standing legacy clients in high tech and biopharmaceuticals, not to mention accounts in financial services, gaming, manufacturing, retail and wine & spirits. These industries couldn’t be more different, but we’ve learned a great deal by working in all of them; in fact, our work is stronger because of it. By leaning on our cross-category experience and taking a more integrated view, we can bring all kinds of best practices into play—whether it’s in our strategic approach, creative concepts or production elements. And because we’ve been solving for a wide range of challenges, we’re more agile in our thinking, we’re more flexible in our approach and we’re ready to hit the ground running.

Cross-training definitely builds B2B muscle. This is how we make change, not noise. Want to see us flex?

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