DISCOVERED! Pican Restaurant Gets 5 Stars

I encourage you to head to Pican Restaurant located in Oakland, CA. This fantastic Southern spot near the Paramount Theatre boasts terrific upscale soul food with great ambiance. The food is richly decadent and the drinks are unique. I recommend drinking a Black Hand: bourbon, basil, balsamic syrup and ginger beer. DELICIOUS! My only warning is: Do NOT go while dieting.

Jennifer Smart, Account Manager, InVision

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DISCOVERED! Improve Your Health

First, a disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist!

I am, however, someone interested in natural ways to improve health. Many years ago – about 30 – before the internet and Google came along, I was stricken with an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis, an arthritic inflammation of my sacroiliac joints.  It was painful and debilitating and went undiagnosed for a miserable year and a half.  At that point, a doctor at NY’s Hospital for Special Surgery, Leon Root, diagnosed my condition and was despondent to tell me there was absolutely nothing to do about it.

The next day my luck changed!  I encountered a friend who, coincidently, had just heard of AS the day before for the first time… in fact, she couldn’t remember the name until I said it (it is a mouthful).

She had been listening to a talk show hosted by a nutritionist named Carlton Fredericks.  He had a guest on named Norman Cousins, who suffered from ankylosing spondylitis and pursued a treatment regimen that gave him great relief. It worked for me too and for several people I’ve mentioned it to after hearing them complaining about arthritic symptoms: stiffness and soreness in the joints.

There are few things to compete with the feeling of bringing people relief of severe pain, so I pass this secret on to you in the hopes it will not remain a secret to people you know who might benefit.

I went on a nightshade free diet and within 2 weeks, I was cured!  No potatoes, no tomatoes, no peppers and no eggplant.

There is no guarantee it will work, but it’s easy enough to try and nothing short of a miracle for those cured by it.  Let me know!

Fred Bailey, Director of Sales, New York, InVision

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DISCOVERED! Interest in Pinterest

I’ve recently developed a new obsession with Pinterest. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, I’ll give you the low-down. For all intents and purposes, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. Remember back in the day when you would dog-ear a page in a recipe book, or rip out a page from a magazine that was showing off the newest trends? Well, now you can do all that and more in one, convenient online spot.

You can create pin boards – as many as you want – and you can organize them by categories of your choosing (e.g. recipes, style, party/event ideas, health/fitness, technology, etc. – the possibilities are endless). Then, you can electronically “pin” webpages you come across to their respective pin boards and voilà, that page is neatly organized and easy to retrieve at a later date. One way you can add webpages to your pin-board is by exploring the Pinterest site. It is full of the pins of friends whom you are “following” as well as public pins from other avid users. Additionally, you can attach a “Pin It” icon to the top of your web browser and click on it whenever you see a webpage that catches your eye. My personal favorite is the Pinterest App on my iPhone. It is extremely convenient while I wait in line at the airport; traveling to one of the many destinations InVision serves its clients.

I currently have 15 boards. My food recipe board, which I’ve entitled, “Yummy,” has received the most traffic so far. At this time, I have 171 recipes for food and cocktails that I’ve come across on the site. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not necessarily the next Julia Child. I mean, after all, I do live in New York where kitchens are the size of closets and ovens are commonly used for extra storage. However, in the two months I’ve had my Pinterest account, I have made more recipes from my pin-board than I’ve made from any of the cookbooks collecting dust in my kitchen over the past year. The ease and efficiency of having these recipes at my fingertips, no matter where I am, encourages me to actually cook! Recently, my boyfriend had to make a Mexican-themed dish to bring to his company’s pot-luck. He asked me if I had any recommendations. Pinterest came to my rescue and I was able to offer him 10 easy to make, pot-luck appropriate, Mexican-inspired dishes without breaking a sweat.

Each one of my pin-boards has been fun and convenient to have. I’ve used Pinterest for work when I see a cool new technology I want to share with my colleagues, in the home when a friend posts a pin teaching me how to FINALLY fold those stubborn fitted sheets, and at the gym when I’ve come across new exercises to keep my workout routine fresh and challenging. I highly recommend it for anyone who would enjoy being inspired via an interactive, shareable scrapbook. It is quickly becoming my favorite form of social media… but please… don’t tell Facebook.

Jessica Berkowitz, Project Manager, InVision

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The New Norm and Future of Events Could Be Changing

Have you heard about the third industrial revolution upon us? Check out the recent Economist article and see how this new world of digital technology is a complete game changer. Are you and your events ready for this?


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Reach Out and Touch Someone

A spotlight follows the performer, shattering glass comes through the stage, a multitude of dancers and performers combine into one breathtaking, surreal experience. How can all of this happen at once, yet there is no actual lighting used? It can only be one thing – liquid scenic technology by AV Concepts. From the American Music Awards to Coachella, this type of projection technology is creating a buzz – and not the type of buzz you hear from high voltage lighting.

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Augmented Reality in the Eye of the Beholder

Want a new way to change the entire attendee experience at your next meeting? Google is currently in the process of developing augmented reality glasses (Google Project Glass) that allow users to view real-time information right before their eyes. Imagine a virtual playground at your next meeting as the room is setup like an expo-style format. Attendees roam the room uncovering information and watching demonstrations right before their eyes, literally. The glasses can serve as outlet that will allow attendees to choose their own adventure for your meeting while still absorbing the information you want them to gain since you’ll control the journey. Check out the video to see what kind of ideas you come up with on how you can take advantage of this incredible gadget.

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Tron Meets Corporate Events

If you mesh Tron, dancing and corporate events together, you’ve got VOSPERTRON. Vospertron is a dance and multimedia performance company who creates some of the most breathtaking futuristic shows, combining high energetic dance routines, neon glow suits, multiple projections, laser technology, and digital style graphics. Imagine this performance crew using your product onscreen to create a visually stunning opening at your next product launch, PR event or conference.

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Webinar Available On-Demand! Neuroscience: “Why We Do What We Do”

In case you missed Wednesday’s webinar on Neuroscience: “Why We Do What We Do” you can watch it on-demand!

Here’s a word from the guest speaker of this topic, Lynn Randall:

Experience Design Brainiacs

Great event experience design can come from anywhere.  But, truly brilliant experiences grow from understanding the human beings who’ll be consuming what we create.   This is the basis for diving into what may seem an academic and unrelated scientific area of study.  But, peeking into the human brain and applying what you find inside may truly be the stuff of genius.

Let’s start with a basic and easily relatable fact.  We’re social beings.  No really, and truly deep to our core we are all social, because we’re wired that way.  It helped our caveman ancestors survive in the wilds.  Alone they realized they would die, but bonded together in groups they were more likely to live to see another day.

One of our basic human drives is the desire to bond and connect with each other.  We know this, because we receive natural chemical drug hits when we meet someone.  Whether we’re connecting with someone new or catching up with an old friend in-person or online, our bodies release oxytocin. Oxytocin is the naturally occurring chemical that makes us feel content, affectionate, and generally calm.  Doesn’t that make you feel even better about the public service you’re providing as an event professional?  You’re spreading trust and contentment with every welcome reception or final night party you create.

Those aren’t the only emotions upon which we should focus.   Harnessing the power of emotion carries along the greater good of achieving your event’s business goals and objectives.   We always thought that logic and reason were the strong biceps of a business message’s knock-out punch.   Neuroscience tells us that’s just not the case.  It’s actually emotion that creates a much more powerful impact that logic or reason.  Cognition and emotion are closely related and intertwined within our brains. The existence of neural wiring between the thinking and emotional centers of the brain mean that emotions are the gateway to helping or preventing the brain’s ability to retain information and learning.

Another key component to message absorption is that we have to provide our audiences with the grand scheme – the meaning behind our message before we launch into the minute details.   If we aren’t thinking first about the meaning of our message, none of the other facts will stick.  But wait, I’m not completely done with the emotional connection yet.  Because studies have shown that emotional arousal focuses attention on the “gist” of an experience at the expense of peripheral details.  Make sure your audience knows what you mean before you give them the charts, graphs, and lists of details.

These are but a few nuggets of the event design gold that comes with mining the findings of neuroscience.  It’s my hope that these nuggets spark your interest in exploring more of the fascinating world of the human brain and what makes us tick.


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Get Engaged with InVision in our Twitter Contest!

We create engaging experiences that turn attendees into participants. Are you prepared to get engaged? We want to know how well you know InVision. Follow us on Twitter and participate in our IVC Tweet N Seek contest. The lucky winner will receive a fun prize! Starts April 4th.

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IVC News – April 2012

  • IVC is sponsoring Event Marketing Summit’s opening networking reception The Happy Hour on Monday, April 30th.
  • IVC recently received a Telly Award for the Cisco “Giving Moment” video-based on Cisco’s contribution to the St. Bernard Project.
  • IVC received “The President’s Society” recognition from the Cancer Support Community for our years of service to them. We are proud to be supporting our communities!
  • Check out our new Twitter page look and Facebook timeline!
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