It’s a Bird! It’s a…Drone?


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Drones “flew” off the shelves during the 2014 holidays as more and more technology enthusiasts opened their wallets to purchase some of the most talked-about models.

It won’t be long until we start to see more and more of these flying drones with integrated video camera technology in the B2B events space to capture a different point of view of the audience experience. Using a birds-eye view, drones deliver a valuable perspective for marketers to see where their attendees are and what they are doing. It’s certainly a different kind of data gathering, but undoubtedly a priceless one because you can capture attendee emotions and reactions to your tradeshow floor or general session, as well as note which areas or booths have the most traffic.

Not a fan of insect-looking creatures flying around your venue? What if it looked and flew just like an actual bird? The SmartBird (an autonomous ornithopter utilizing bionic technology, if you want to impress your friends) was first introduced in 2011 and caused quite a stir in its beauty and agility. How incredible will your walk-in be with these beautiful herring gull-inspired birds flying around your ballroom ceilings?

Flying drones are not only attractive to watch but can get your attendees involved with some added fun. At CES 2015, Nixie was introduced as a wearable bracelet drone that flew away from your wrist to snap a picture of you from a further and higher distance. Essentially, it’s a huge upgrade from your selfie stick. Instead of capturing your face and maybe a little bit of background, Nixie provides a wider view of you and the surrounding environment.

These drones are approaching fast. I, for one, am excited to see where they land.


DISCOVERED! Not a Videographer? Not a Problem!

A colleague of mine just sent me to a cool website that has been around for years and I never even knew it existed. It’s called Animoto and it allows you to take your photos, video clips and music into a video masterpiece! How cool is that? You don’t even need to be a video wiz.

I wish I knew about this when I was asked to create a slideshow for my sister’s wedding. Instead of a boring PPT, I could have taking advantage of this site and create a really great video! And its wallet friendly too, meaning you can either have the free LITE version that allows unlimited 30-second videos or I can upgrade to the Plus version for $30/year for unlimited full-length videos. I prefer paying the

And yes, there’s app for it. A mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch was recently introduced that enabled me to create, share and watch my videos anytime, anywhere.

I already made a couple videos and my friends were totally impressed. They thought I had it professionally done. It kind of makes you feel like a video professional. J

Amanda Chartier, Marketing Specialist, InVision

DISCOVERED! What Mood Are You In?

On a Sunday night, I was at home sitting on my couch watching TV. I started to think about the other day when while I was taking a drive with my kids listening to the radio station, it occurred to me how it seemed like radio stations played the same music over and over again.

I didn’t want to listen to the same old songs that were on my iPhone either.

So I got on my iPad and started looking for a music app that would help me discover bands that I have never heard before or just new music that would interest me. The Gods must have known what I was thinking because as soon I pressed the app store icon, I saw that the number one top free iPad app was called Songza.

Before I download an app, I usually look at the reviews to see how people rate it. The first five reviews gave the app five stars so I immediately downloaded it.

Songza is almost like Pandora except this app is so much more. It compiles music by genres, activities, and even your mood! It also compiles music for bedtime or when you are reading. For the songs that you love and want to add to your music collection, there is a cart icon that will take you to iTunes to purchase the music. Even cooler is that it is also available for the iPhone.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Abby Caldwell, Operations Coordinator, InVision


Hello everyone! I spent the last two weeks touring college campuses with my daughter. We traveled from New York to Georgia on the east coast and from San Francisco to San Diego in California. Needless to say, this is some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

We had countless opportunities to take pictures against beautiful scenic backdrops. But we forgot our DSLR and only had iPhones to shoot with. The problem when taking those kinds of pictures with an iPhone is that the subject is always underexposed against the backdrop. Those beautiful images you imagine never quite live up to the reality.

Rod, our CEO, suggested a new app.  It is called Pro HDR and it works miracles. What it does is that it takes two photos. One photo exposes the subject and the other one for the backdrop. It then combines them into one beautifully exposed photo. The only challenge is that it takes a few seconds to complete the process. The subject and photographer must stay very still to make it work. It takes a bit of practice but it’s worth it!

Renee Miller, General Manager, NY, InVision

Discovered! PaperDesk App

Hey everyone, Amanda here. No longer will I need to bring a pencil or waste a pad of paper when I head into meetings. I recently discovered an iPad app called PaperDesk, which basically replaces the traditional paper notebook. It’s so easy to use and it allows me to draw, type, record and insert photos. One of the best features is that as soon as I am done, I can email off my notes to my team instead of retyping it on my computer.

Amanda Chartier, Marketing Coordinator, InVision