How to Build an Attendee Journey

Viewers watching the show. Long exposure shot.

Remember what it’s like to be an attendee of an event? You’re a spectator, watching and listening, hoping to walk away with some sort of call-to-action. Maybe it’s putting the information you learned into use or feeling more motivated to continue to do what you do every day, even better. Whatever the case, you attend these events hoping to gain something new and to be inspired.

So how do we as event marketers, ensure that most (if not all) of our attendees feel more connected to our brand; prepared for the future ahead; recognized for their achievements; or feel re-energized for a brand new year?

It’s simple. We build an Attendee Journey. An Attendee Journey is our holistic approach where we immerse ourselves into the mindset of the audience while also keeping in mind the objectives and messaging that we want to communicate. It’s the perfect blend of designing a campaign that delivers measurable results and potentially new behaviors. It goes beyond a simple production of an event by transforming a traditional ballroom into an environment immersed with your brand and messaging, staging that stirs excitement, stunning graphics that convey visual stories and compelling speakers whose energy radiates into the attendees.

Below are just a few key insights that will help you develop an Attendee Journey that delivers engaging experiences that inspire lasting results.

Know Your Audience
Who are they and what are their mindsets?

Set Objectives and Envision Success
What kind of campaign?
What does success look like and how will it be measured?
Are your objectives measurable? (ROI, ROO, ROE)

Design with Purpose
How will attendees be engaged?
Are there any compelling industry trends that you can integrate into the program?
Is the message woven through the entire event?
How will you extend the message beyond the event?

Want to learn more about building an Attendee Journey? Contact us at or check out how we did it for one of our clients: Global Conference Case Study


How AR You Using It?

Put Lego and Intel together and you get one spectacular event! At Lego World 2013 in Copenhagen, Lego partnered with Intel to bring an amazing augmented reality experience that challenged children to race against a virtual Lego Man. A fun takeaway included a recording of each child’s race sent via email that allowed them to watch their own race at anytime. Augmented reality (AR) experiences are a fun, unique way of getting customers to interact with your products. AR consumes attendees into the environment, allowing them to truly see the full potential of a product and/or experience.

Have you integrated some sort of augmented reality component into your experiences? What did you do and what were the results?

Now You See It, Now You…Don’t?

Magician and illusionist Marco Tempest enthralls us again using augmented reality goggles – a Google Project Glass technology –  to perform a card trick like never before. Augmented reality has taken the tech world by storm, engaging us with its amazing and seemingly infinite possibilities. Have you used augmented reality for your event recently? Tell us how you did it.

Pouvez-vous dire le Traducteur de Google?

As if Google Glass wasn’t already cool enough, they’ve already managed to make it even better and more useful for the typical consumer. They’ve added an innovative application in which foreign language is translated into augmented reality text, much like subtitles that you would see at the movie theater. Although the delay of the translation is fairly lengthy, we have no doubt Google will solve this problem. Breaking down the language barrier using a tool like Google Translator will help enhance the connection between people all over the world and share an experience like never before.

Augmented Reality in the Eye of the Beholder

Want a new way to change the entire attendee experience at your next meeting? Google is currently in the process of developing augmented reality glasses (Google Project Glass) that allow users to view real-time information right before their eyes. Imagine a virtual playground at your next meeting as the room is setup like an expo-style format. Attendees roam the room uncovering information and watching demonstrations right before their eyes, literally. The glasses can serve as outlet that will allow attendees to choose their own adventure for your meeting while still absorbing the information you want them to gain since you’ll control the journey. Check out the video to see what kind of ideas you come up with on how you can take advantage of this incredible gadget.

Magic or Highly Advanced Technology?

Augmented reality (AR) has become increasingly popular in today’s tech world. You can use AR in a variety of means including presentations, demonstrations and games. Marco Tempest once again entertains us with his blend of digital media and magic by demonstrating his take on AR in last year’s TED conference.